Everyday General Science

Most Repeated MCQs PPSC,FPSC,NTS and competitive Exams – SET 7

601. Sparkling red colour after the blast of fire cracker is due to the presence of Sulphur.
602. The chemical name of aspirin is Acetylsalicylic acid.
603. Animal fat has the highest calories per gram.
604 The commonly present element in the artificial fertilizer is Potassium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus.
605. Potassium nitrate is used in fertilizers.
606. The inherited traits of a person can be investigated by the study of Deoxyribonucleic acid.
607. Silicon is extensively used in electronics.
608. When a bullet is fired upwards vertically, it gains in Potential energy.
609. The mixture of Acetylene and oxygen gases is required in gas welding.
610. Isobars are the lines connecting the places having same Atmospheric pressure.
611. The velocity of wind is related to Pressure gradient.
612. The acid present in the sour milk is Formic acid.
613. The most important stimulant in tea leaves is Caffeine.
614. Dolly was the name of first cloned sheep.
615. The smallest living cell is that of a Mycoplasma (bacterium)
616. We lose consciousness if blood flow to the brain is cut off more than 5 sec.
617. Menopause usually occurs between 40 to 45 years.
618. Platypus and Echidnas are the only monotremes, or mammals that lay eggs.
619. Film is that part of camera which is analogue to the retina in the human eye.
620. 72-80 is the average adult pulse rate.
621. Magnetic resonance is the modern tool for imaging brain tumours.
622. The acid used in a car battery is sulphuric acid.
623. After drinking contaminated water, you would be most apt to develop symptoms of Typhoid
624. In eye donation, Cornea of donor‘s eye is utilized.
625. Alzheimer is a disease of Brain.
626. Cell was discovered by Robert Hooke.
627. A body is taken from Earth to Moon. Its weight will Decreases.
628. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc.
629. Mineral essential for the coagulation of blood is Magnesium.
630. Milk is an example of Emulsion.
631. Iron is the most abundant transition metal.
632. Hydrometer is used to determine specific gravity of liquids.
633. Convex lenses are used for the correction of Long-sightedness (Hyperopia)
634. A transformer is used to Increase or decrease AC voltage.
635. The stones formed in human kidney consist mostly of Calcium oxalate.
636. Most of the explosions in mines occur due to the mixing of Methane with air.
637. A mobile phone sends and receives messages through Radio waves.
638. Fax machine receives the signal and give its output through the Printer.
639. The procedure of crushing the gallstone and kidney stone by laser is called Lithotripsy.
640. Laser is used to produce an image of One dimension.
641. Three dimensional image formed by laser is called Photograph.
642. The first laser ever used is Semiconductor laser.
643. Ordinary light spreads in all directions.
644. Optical fibres are the fine strands of Glass.
645. The satellites which revolve in such an orbit, so that they move with earth rotation are
called Geo-stationary satellites.
646. The elements which emit radiations have atomic number greater than 82.
647. In a normal healthy body, the number of red cells or erythrocytes in each cubic millimetre of
blood is 5.0 m.
648. The average life of a red blood cell in the body is about 120 days.
649. DNA is a class of nucleic acids.
650. Cellulose is a Carbohydrate.
651. After long periods of use, a gray spot develops on the inside of a bulb. This is because
the tungsten filament evaporates and collects there.
652. Ice cubes are added to a glass of pure water and a glass of a pure alcohol. The ice would
be Floating in alcohol and sinking in water.
653. Protein which renders a cell less susceptible to attack by viruses is called Chloromycetin.
654. The pigment involved in photosynthesis activity is called Chlorophyll.
655. The chemical part of the dye that absorbs light and produces colour is called photo chrome.
656. A nuclear reactor harnesses nuclear energy by Controlled chain reaction.
657. Eyes are tested by dilating the pupils with a very dilute solution of Atropine.
658. Phenol is used as a raw material in the manufacture of foam used in mattresses, cushions, etc.
659. ECG is an instrument used for the disorder of Heart.
660. Carbon-14 is used for dating very old objects of archaeological importance.
661. Lead is used in storage batteries.
662. Enzymes are Biological catalysts.
663. DNA finger-printing is the latest technology used in Forensic science.
664. Potassium is used in the preparation of glass and soap in the form of Carbonates.
665. Potassium phosphate is used in the preparation of detergent.
666. In Chlorophyll, magnesium is present.
667. Calcium plays a vital role in blood clotting.
668. For water purification, Chlorine is used
669. Deficiency of calcium causes the impaired growth in infants.
670. Wheat, rice, corn and maize are the best sources of carbohydrates.
671. The human blood is divided into four groups.
672. The muscles, tissues and blood all are made up of Proteins.
673. Iron is a part of haemoglobin which transports oxygen.
674. In thyroid glands iodine is required for the synthesis of Thyroxin.
675. The amount of calories provided by egg is 150 K calories/100gm.
676. Jupiter is the largest planet of solar system.
677. The mirror placed near the driver of a bus is Concave mirror.
678. X-rays are used to disintegrate bladder stones.
679. The percentage of carbohydrates in the normal daily food calorie requirement of an adult is
about 59%.
680. Impure blood is received in the heart in the right auricle.
681. Plants take nitrogen in the form of Nitrate.
682. Washing soda in water behaves acidic.
683. The glad which maintains body temperature is the Pituitary gland.
684. Peeled banana under normal condition is brittle.
685. Phrenology deals with sensory perception of animals.
686. Vinegar is produced by two steps, first fermentation of sugar by yeast, second fermentation of
ethyl alcohol by bacteria.
687. The longest and the strongest bone in the human body is Femur.
688. Red color has the longest wavelength and violet has the shortest wavelength.
689. Chronometer is used to measure Time.
690. Carbon dioxide is used in fire extinguishers.
691. Hereditary disorders are the result of Defective DNA nucleus.
692. Pure gold is 24 carat.
693. One horse power is equal to 746 watts.
694. Dynamo is a device that converts Mechanical energy into electrical energy.
695. The minimum velocity required to escape from the gravitational pull is 11.2 km/s.
696. Heavy water consists of Oxygen and heavy hydrogen.
697. Polio is a viral disease.
698. Ag is the symbol for silver.
699. Babbage is called the father of computer.
700. Dead red blood cells are stored in liver.