Everyday General Science

Everyday Science Most Repeated MCQs – SET 5

301. Cancer can be treated by Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.
302. The velocity of a moving object is least where the pressure is greater.
303. The largest planet of solar system is Jupiter.
304. The temperature of the dead human body on Celsius scale is 25C (Normally room Temperature)
305. The number of the spinal nerves in the man is 31 pairs.
306. A primary cell cannot be charged again.
307. Halos around the moon are formed because of the phenomenon of dispersion.
308. Muscle stiffness is called by a disease called Tetanus.
309. Oil rises in a wick of oil lamp on account of a property of matter called Capillary action.
310. Muslim scientist Ail al Tabari is famous for his work on Firdous al-Hikmah.
311. The three elements needed for healthy growth of plants are N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K
312. Ammonium nitrate is not used for rice crop.
313. Sea divers use a mixture of gases for breathing during diving. The mixture is 80% He & 20%
314. Ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin.
315. Lipase enzyme brings about hydrolysis of fats.
316. The solution if benzoic acid is used for seasoning of food.
317. Influenza is caused by virus.
318. The energy possesses by water in a dam is potential energy.
319. The organ in the human body which is responsible for the digestion of protein only is stomach.
320. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot designed the first internal combustion engine used to burn low
grade fuel.
321. William Gilbert was the scientist who asserted the earth to be a huge magnet.
322. The metal known as quick silver is called Mercury.
323. Electrochemical cell converts the chemical energy into electrical energy.
324. Yuri Gagarin was the first person to orbit the earth.
325. Water was discovered by Henry Cavendish.
326. To say in the sunlight while circling the globe at the equator, one has to move with a speed
of 1670 km/hour.
327. Infrared waves have more wavelengths than the red colour.
328. Liver produces bile which is involved in the breakdown of fats.
329. A secondary cell can be charged again.
330. The study of human population is called Demography.
331. Human being belongs to species called Sapiens.
332. Defect of eye due to which nearly located objects are not clearly visible is
called Hyperopia/Hypermetropia.
333. About 60-70% of the human body consists of water.
334. All of the oxygen that we breathe has been produces by the splitting of water
during Photosynthesis.
335. The important ore of Chromium is Chromite.
336. The measurement of rainfall is made by an instrument known as Rain gauge.
337. Oxidation means loss of electron.
338. Poplar is woody raw material which is used for the manufacture of paper pulp.
339. Rectified spirit contains alcohol about 95%.
340. The Famous book; Al-Qanoon was written by the Muslim scientist Abu Ail Sina
341. Basic metals can be converted into gold by artificial nuclear radioactivity.
342. One of the main functions of the earth‘s ozone layer is to filter out ultraviolet rays.
343. The alloy consisting of metals copper, zinc and nickel is called Paktong/Alpaca/Nickel
Silver/German Silver
344. The instrument specially designed for recording earthquake waves is called Seismograph.
345. The electrical device which converts sound energy into electrical energy is Microphone.
346. The ore of mercury metal is Cinnabar.
347. The variation of blood flow can be heard thorough Sphygmomanometer.
348. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.
349. Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut who first landed on the surface of the moon.
350. Kangaroo rat is the desert mammal which does not drink water.
351. Heat transfers from the sun to the earth through Radiation.
352. Pitch of the cat sound is greater than the dog sound.
353. Ultraviolet light is not visible.
354. A guava contains more vitamin C than an orange.
355. Sound travels faster in iron than air.
356. Wheat Bridge is the name of an electrical circuit.
357. Morphine can cause constipation and lowering of blood pressure.
358. A convex lens is used for the correction of the Hyper-phobia.
359. The nucleic acids are responsible for proteins synthesis in the human body.
360. Entomology is the branch of zoology which deals with the study of insects.
361. Beri Beri is the disease which is caused by the deficiency of vitamin B1.
362. Oil rises in a wick of oil lamp because of a property of matter, called Capillary action.
363. The production of genetically identical offspring is called as Cloning.
364. Mercury is the fastest planet of the solar system.
365. Mercury metal is 13.5 times heavier than water.
366. Relative density of milk is measured by an instrument known as Lactometer.
367. The temperature of a human body is measured by an instrument known as Mercury
368. Gold and silver are known as coinage metals.
369. The amount of ozone in the atmosphere is expressed in ppm (parts per million).
370. One of the country through which equator passes is Kenya
371. Max Planck received the Noble prize in Physics in 1918 for his discovery of energy quanta.
372. Bronze is made up of copper and tin
373. Addison‘s disease is caused by the excessive secretion of Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone.
374. Margalla Hill is a branch of Himalaya Range
375. Humming bird belongs to a category called Endotherm
376. Insulin is secreted by Pancreas, thyroxin by Thyroid gland, Adrenalin by Adrenal gland,
Oestrogen by Ovary, cortisol by Adrenal gland, Testosterone by Testes of male and ovaries of female
377. Japan is called Land of rising sun.
378. Rodenticides are used to kill rats.
379. Venus planet of our solar system is called as Morning Star.
380. The diameter of the earth is 12742 km.
381. Insects are invertebrates
382. Opium is found in poppy.
383. Opium is used to make Heroine.
384. Kitab-al-Manadhir was written by Ibn-al-Haisham.
385. Speed of light is 300000 km/sec
386. Generators convert mechanical energy into electric energy.
387. Dry ice is CO2.
388. Telephone was invented by Dr. Graham Bell.
389. Ammeter is the instrument which is used to measure electric current.
390. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C.
391. Total number of bones in human face is 14.
392. The sky appears blue due to Tyndall Effect.
393. A, D, E, K are fat soluble vitamins
394. The composition of the mixture used for welding is Copper Oxide and Aluminium.
395. Abu ail Sina, Al Beruni, Ibn Al Haisham belonged to which 10th century.
396. Bakelite is not a Thermoplastic.
397. Haematite (a mineral) is the important source of iron.
398. Bauxite is the mineral of Aluminium.
399. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.
400. Skin is the largest organ of the body.