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PPSC Agriculture Officer (BS-17) Solved Past Paper 2020

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PPSC Agriculture Officer / Farm manager / Cotton inspector (BS-17) Solved Past Paper 2020 Agricultural officer farm manager ppsc past papers, ppsc past papers of agriculture mcqs solved, Agriculture officer past papers PDF, mcqs of agriculture free download PDF


1) 2,4-D is a —————————herbicide.


a) Selective b) Non-selective c) Both d) None of these

2) Wheat seed rate for optimum sowing time is—————————kg/acre.


a) 30-40 b) 40-50 c) 50-60 d) 60-70

3) Family of wheat is———————–.


a) Malvacea b) Poaceae c) Fabaceae d) None of these

4) Family of cotton is ———————–.


a) Malvaceae b) Poaceae c) Fabaceae d) None of these

5) Preferable form of nitrogen for rice under submerged soil conditions is ——————-.


a) NH4 b) NO3 c) NO2 d) All of these

6) ——————- is restorative crop.


a) Sugarcane b) Wheat c) Sorghum d) Soybean

7) ——————- is used to measure wind direction


a) Hydrometer b) Anemometer c) Wind van d) All of these

8) Cotton is ——————-crop.


a) CAM b) C3 c) C4 d) None of these

9) ——————- is kharif crop.


a) Oat b) Barely c) Wheat d) Maize

10) ——————-is weed of rice.


a) Wild oat b) Piazi c) Deela d) All of these

11) Phosphorus availability is maximum at soil pH of ——————-.


a) 5-6 b) 6-7.5 c) 8-9 d) All of these

12) ——————-is most common carbohydrates in seed.


a) Starch b) Glycogen c) Both a and b d) None of these

13) The most dominant saturated fatty acid in oil of oilseed crops is ——————-.


a) Acetic acid b) Palmatic acid c) Linoleic acid d) None of these

14) The main problem of agriculture in Pakistan is ——————-.


a) Small land holding b) Non-mechanization c) Water shortage d) All of these

15) Plants that demand more water are called —————.


a) Hydrophyte b) Halophytes c) Xerophyte d) None of these

16) The agents responsible for wind erosion are—————-.


a) Suspension b) Abrasion c) Extrusion d) All of these

17) Soil factors are also known as ——————- factors.


a) Climatic b) Edaphic c) Both a and b d) None of these

18) Brassica Juncea is scientific name of ——————-.


a) Raya b) Toria c) Sarsoon d) All of these

19) ——————-micronutrient is important for rice.


a) Zn b) Cu c) Mg d) None of these

20) ——————-is secondary plant nutrient.


a) N b) P c) K d) S

21) ——————-particle has the highest particle size.


a) Sand b) Silt c) Clay d) All of these

22) Recommended row to row distance for cotton is ——————-cm.


a) 45 b) 60 c) 75 d) 100

23) The depth of total water required from sowing to harvesting is called ——————-.


a) Delta of water b) Duty of water c) Indus delta d) None of these

24) The best sugarcane part to be used as seed is——————.


a) Top one third b) Top half c) Bottom half d) Bottom one third

25) ——————emerge first in maize.


a) Tassel b) Silk c) Both at same time d) None of these

26) The plants which change from vegetative to reproductive during long days are called———.


a) Long day plants b) Short day plants c) Day neutral plants d) All of these

27) Residual left in sugarcane when water and sugar has been extracted is called——————.


a) Bagasse b) Pressmud c) Filter cake d) None of these

28) The part of stem below cotyledon is called ——————.


a) Epicotyl b) Hypocotyl c) Both a and b d) None of these

29) ————— used for soil water conservation.


a) Mulching b) Soil organic matter c) Deep tillage d) All of these

30) The initial uptake of water by seed is called —————.


a) Imbibition b) Hydrolysis c) Hydration d) None of these

31) Conservation Agriculture is a type of —————agriculture.


a) Sustainable b) Conventional c) Both a and b d) None of these

32) Saline-sodic soils can be made useful through a process known as —————.


a) Resolution b) Reclamation c) Regeneration d) None of these

33) —————is a gaseous hormone.


a) Ethylene b) Acetic acid c) Auxin d) IAA

34) —————is a macronutrient.


a) Zinc b) Boron c) Potassium d) Copper

35) In semi-arid regions, the annual rainfall is—————mm.


a) 0-250 b) 500-750 c) More than 750 d) More than 1000


36) ——————-is mostly found active ingredient in oil based insecticides.


a) Emulsifiable concentrate b) Wettable powder c) Granules d) None of these

37) The control of insect pests through predators is called as ——————-control


a) Physical b) Chemical c) Biological d) None of these

38) Gurdaspur borer is a pest of ——————.


a) Wheat b) Rice c) Oat d) Sugarcane

39) The insects active during night are called —————.


a) External b) Nocturnal c) Both a and b d) None of these

40) Most of insecticide formulations are in the form of —————.


a) EC and WP b) Granules c) Dust d) All of these

41) Gram blight is common disease in ——————-.


a) Dry regions b) Cooler regions c) Hot regions d) Humid regions

42) Bacterial blight is disease of ——————-.


a) Wheat b) Oat c) Rice d) None of these

43) Best management technique for mango anthracnose is——————-.


a) Spray b) Pruning c) Uprooting plant d) None of these

44) Most commonly used media for the study of microorganism is——————-.


a) Agar b) Arabic gum c) Both a and b d) None of these

45) Abnormal proliferation of stem due to some external stimulus is called ——————.


a) Gall formation b) Malformation c) Both a and b d) None of these

46) The diseases caused due to Abiotic factors are called —————.


a) Infectious b) Non-infectious c) Both a and b d) None of these

47) Bacteria that get foods from dead organic matter are known as—————.


a) Herbivores b) Omnivores c) Saprophytes d) None of these


48) The study of fruit is called——————-.


a) Floriculture b) Pomology c) Oleiriculture d) None of these

49) The removal of inflorescence of any plant with some terminal leafs is called —————-.


a) Heading back b) Topping c) Suckering d) None of these

50) The removal of upper part of a plant is called ——————.


a) Pruning b) Heading back c) Desukering d) None of these

51) Mango panicle initiation starts in ——————.


a) Jan-Feb b) March-April c) June d) September

52) The evergreen cutting are planted in ——————


a) Spring b) Rainy season c) Autumn d) None of these

53) The plants which have extreme water stem and leaves are called —————.


a) Vine b) Liana c) Succulent d) None of these


54) —————is self-pollinated crop.


a) Wheat b) Sugarcane c) Sorghum d) Maize

55) The phenotypic superiority of crops is based on———.


a) Mass selection b) Pure line selection c) Both a and b d) None of these


56) Re-establishment of forestry by natural or artificial mean is called —————.


a) Re-shaping b) Recultivation c) Regeneration d) None of these

57) The seed of Siris is eaten by —————.


a) Rabbit b) Porcupine c) Gulheri d) None of these



58) ——————-are the examples of mass media communication.


a) Radio b) TV c) Newspaper d) All of these

59) A farm manager manages a farms in a fashion —————.


a) Lead, planning, control b) Control, lead, planning c) Planning, organization, Lead, control d) None of these

60) Which of the following is low level economic activity at field level.


a) Farm management b) Economic growth c) Production economics d) None of these


61) A market in which money of one nation can be used to purchase the money of other nations is called ——————-.


a) Money market b) International market c) Foreign exchange market d) All of these

62) Legally established maximum price of a good or service is called ——————-.


a) Retail price b) Ceiling price c) Floor price d) Max price

63) The amount by which a nation exports of goods exceeds its import of goods is called———-.


a) Trade off b) Trade surplus c) Trade deficit d) None of these

64) An interest bearing deposit which normally can be withdrawn by a depositor at any time is called ——————.


a) Capital deposit b) Fixed deposit c) Saving deposit d) None of these

65) When supply of a commodity decreases, the price ——————-.


a) Increases b) Decreases c) Both a and b d) None of these


66) ————— are among the oldest food preservation techniques.


a) Drying and dehydration b) Irradiation c) Cold storage and freezing d) None of these

67) Deficiency of vitamin———-is associated with night blindness and skin keratinization.


a) A b) B c) C d) D

68) Lime, lemon juice, and pickles are ——————-foods.


a) Low acid b) Medium acid c) High acid d) None of these

69) Chemically or bio-chemically, enzymes are primarily ——————- in nature.


a) Protein b) Carbohydrates c) Lipids d) Vitamins

70) —————–is commonly applied to plant material in order to destroy some enzymes prior to canning, cold storage, freezing or dehydration.


a) Blanching b) Pasteurization c) Sterilization d) Tyndallization

71) Soy sauce is fermented product of —————.


a) Wheat b) Barely c) Oat d) Soybean

72) The examples of fermented dairy products are ——————-.


a) Cheese and Yoghurt b) Butter and cream c) Cream and ice cream d) All of these

73) In dairy industry, ——————bacteria are most often used to convert milk sugar into lactic acid.

  1. Streptococcus b) Lactobacillus c) Both a and b d) Acetobacter

74) Citrus and tomatoes are rich in vitamin —————.


a) A b) B c) C d) D



75) Swelling of udder in cow is common symptom of ——————-disease.


a) Mastitis b) Anthrax c) Both a and b d) None of these


76) The head office of Food and Agriculture Organization is in——————-.


a) Rome b) Colombo c) Austria d) None of these

77) Green revolution was responsible for improvement in production of ——————-.


a) Maize and Millet b) Rice and Wheat c) Oat and Wheat d) None of these

78) CIMMYT is working on ——————.


a) Maize and millet b) Maize and wheat c) Oat and wheat d) None of these

79) Ozone consist of ——————oxygen atoms


a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

80) Waste water and liquid from industry is known as —————.


a) Industry water b) Waste material c) Effluent d) None of these

81) The world population day is celebrated on —————.


a) 11 March b) 11 May c) 11 July d) 11 Sept

82) —————.is best electrical conductor.


a) Diamond b) Silver c) Wood d) None of these

83) The most rapidly replacing cells in humans are—————.


a) Skin cell b) Gut cell c) Red blood cell d) All of these

84) CSS stands for —————.


a) Civil superior services b) Central superior services c) Central civil services d) None of these

85) Which slave of Hazrat Khadija (RA) was with the holy prophet (PBUH) during his second tour to Syria?


a) Maisra b) Zaid bin Sabit c) Abdul Rehman d) None of these

86) ————— cities are included in Hijaaz.


a) Makah b) Medina c) Taef d) All of these

87) The word ‘Gerund’ is —————.


a) Verbal noun b) pronoun c) a word with many meaning d) None of these

88) The synonym of word ‘Engross’ is


a) Expanded b) Absorbed c) Extended d) None of these

89) —————sustainable goals has been set by UNO to ensure food security.


a) 10 b) 14 c) 17 d) 19

90) —————can be send via email as attachment


a) Word document b) Audio c) Video d) All of these

91) —————is not a computer server protocol

a) HTTP b) DHCP c) DNS d) None of these

92) A work is completed by 10 people in 14 days. 4 perosn complete same work in —————days.


a) 30 b) 35 c) 40 d) 45

93) Yak na shud ———- shud.


a) Zero b) One c) Two d) None of these

94) The book ‘zinda rudh’ is written by —————.

a) Allama Iqbal b) Javed Iqbal c) Waleed Iqbal d) Rafihudin Hashmi

95) Eminent Philosopher and jurist of 14th century was—————.


a) Ibn e Khuldon b) Ibn e Batota c) Prince Akbar d) None of these

96) Macho picho city of Peru was discovered in —————.


a) 1911 b) 1921 c) 1931 d) 1941

97) Razia sultana was daughter of —————.


a) Qutb al-Din Aibak b) Iltutmish c) Akbar d) None of these

98) Sirinagar and Muzaffharabad bus service was started in —————.


a) 2001 b) 2005 c) 2006 d) 2002

99) The Treaty of Versaliies ended the —————.


a) World War 1 b) World War II c) French dispute d) None of these

100) —————batsman made 210 runs in one day cricket match from Pakistan side.


a) Shoaib Mailk b) Shahid Afridi c) Imran khan d) Fakhar Zaman

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