Top Five IT Universities in Pakistan

Top Five IT Universities in Pakistan

Pakistan is growing nowadays in the field of IT as most of the work requires computer skills. Most students engage in IT-related areas because of their interest in IT and they love playing with data. IT seems to incorporate in different fields because of AI, data processing, IoT and cloud computing. But it needs a hands-on experience and full command on the IT-related field. So, students should always try to enroll in a university that is research-oriented and career-oriented.

We have listed here the top 5 IT universities in Pakistan to help students decide which university is best for them.

Five best IT universities in Pakistan:



COMSATS is ranked-1 computer science university, and it’s also among ASIA’s top-ranked universities. Its students are competent and can have much practical information and hands-on experience, which help them boost their programming and software development skills. Thus, these students contribute to high-profile entrepreneurship and IT-related projects. It’s a government sector university, and its fee is 50000 for a master’s. The students are selected based on merit. It also offers financial aid to poor students.



NUST is the second-best university for IT students, and it’s known for its innovative role in IT. It is a semi-government university. But its entry-level exam is very difficult; only a few students can pass it. Its acceptance rate is 4 %. Instead, it is also suitable for mathematics and engineering students. NUST contributes to technology-oriented careers through its excellent applied research, student training, and services.



It’s a private-sector university famous for its research, and its acceptance rate is 5%. It offers the best education at the international level. Its faculty is among the best faculty members in Pakistan universities. It offers computer science programs at graduate and undergraduate levels. The FAST university has a significant impact on the development of local software industries. But its fee is much higher, almost one and a half lac.

According to the FASTIAN, the life of a FAST student is miserable; they are just bound to studies, assignments and research. But once you get a FAST degree, you can quickly get jobs at Microsoft and Google.


4-University of engineering and technology UET

UET is ranked 5th in IT and is the best value for money. There are 13,000 plus students in UET including 550 plus international students. It has 24 research departments and 17 engineering departments. Its fee is not much and students can easily get scholarships to support their studies. It has almost 33 per cent female students. In terms of the money and the quality of education, it’s famous as the best value money university. Most of its students avail of Erasmus and Fulbright scholarships.


5-University of Management Science LUMS

University of management science LUMS is a private-sector university famous in business, engineering, IT, and computer science. Its primary focus is engaging students in improving their computer science skills and helping them boost their research profile. But it’s a very expensive university and is considered as a place of elites. Very fewer students get admission on scholarships because the SAT test is very tough, and also it offers very less scholarships. So, if you can afford the fee, it can create a lot of problems for you. Its fee may range from 2 lacs to 4 lacs, including the tuition fee.


Here we go, the top five IT universities in Pakistan. While choosing a university, you must consider the most important facts like education, research experience, its inclination towards uplifting students’ skills and fee structure. From this article, you can easily decide which university IT is the best value for education, research experience and money in Pakistan