Everyday General Science

Most Asked MCQs from Everyday Science in PPSC,FPSC,NTS – SET 4

401. Vaccine for T.B is Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG)
402. Mitochondria is called the power house of the cell.
403. Persons with AB+ blood group are considered to be universal recipient.
404. Study of life in outer space is known as Exobiology.
405. The name of the common mineral salt present in sweat is Sodium Chloride.
406. Sensitive layer of the eye is Retina.
407. Laughing gas as the composition of Nitrogen and Oxygen.
408. Dr. Abdus Salam of Pakistan was one of the contributors of the unification of Electromagnetic
force and weak nuclear force.
409. CAT triplet in DNA codes for valine.
410. The chance of diabetic baby born to parents both heterozygous normal is ..
411. Inheritance of acquired characters is not an art of Darwinism.
412. Role of biotechnology in the production of food is based on Fermentation.
413. Founder of modern astronomy was Nicolas Copernicus.
414. The instrument which measures very high temperature is Pyrometer.
415. The science which deals with study of manners and customs of people is Ethics.
416. Dry ice is Solid Carbon Dioxide.
417. Chemical name of vinegar is Dilute Acetic Acid.
418. Deficiency of Pyridoxine decreases haemoglobin production.
419. Orbital period of the planet Mercury around the sun is 88 days.
420. The most splendid and the most magnificent constellation on the sky is Orion.
421. Black holes. refer to Collapsing objects of high density.
422. Eugenics is the study of altering human beings by changing their genetic components.
423. The position of earth in its orbit when it is at its greatest distance from the sun causing northern
summer is called Aphelion.
424. Ionosphere layer make the radio transmission possible.
425. Television signals are converted into light signals by Transistor.
426. Most of Asteroids lie in asteroid belt between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.
427. The number of spark plugs needed in a diesel engine is 0.
428. The half-life of a radioactive element is 8 days. It takes 8 days to reduce it from 10mg to 5 mg.
429. The term \Blue Shift. is used to indicate Doppler Effect in which an object appears bluer when
it is moving towards the observer or observer is moving toward the object.
430. Kilowatt-hour is a unit of Power.
431. Fuel used in a Fast Breeder Reactor is Uranium Plutonium Oxide.
432. Monsoon is caused by Revolution of earth.
433. Atmospheric layer ionosphere helps in radio communication.
434. A moderator is used in nuclear reactor in order to slow down the speed of the neutrons.
435. Sedimentary rocks are Porous.
436. Gypsum is a non-metallic mineral.
437. Ozone layer prevents the ultraviolet radiation from entering the atmosphere.
438. The phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, the display of red and green lights in northern hemisphere
is due to radiations from Ionosphere.
439. Oasis is associated with Desert.
440. Quartz crystal in quartz watches work on the principle called Piezo-electric effect.
441. The fruits with seed, like banana, are called Parthenocarpic fruits.
442. Animal which captures and readily kills living animals for tis food is called Predator.
443. In a railway track, two rails are joined end in end with a gap in between them to avoid accidents
due to expansion.
444. Al-Qanoon is the famous book of Ibn-e-Sina in which human physiology and medicine are
445. Copper can be converted into gold by Artificial Radioactivity.
446. In winter an iron pipe feel colder than a wooden window. This is because wood is nonconductor.
447. The echo (reflected sound) will be distinctly heard only at ordinary temperatures if the distance
of the reflecting surfaces from the source of sound is at least 56 ft.
448. It is possible to recognize a person in the dark by simply hearing hiss unique voice. It is because
of the Pitch.
449. When a ray of sunlight enters a dark room, its straight path becomes visible because of dust
particles hanging in the air. It is because light is Transparent.
450. The principle used in radar is the same as that of sonar. In radar we use radio waves; whereas in
sonar we use Ultrasonic.
451. Parsec is a unit of distance.
452. The German or nickel silver is composed of approximately 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20%
453. The temperature of the dead body is the temperature of the place where it is kept.
454. Cusec is the unit for measuring the flow of liquids/flow rate, equal to one cubic foot per second.
455. The deepest place on earth is Mariana trench.
456. Twinkling of stars is caused by Refraction of light.
457. Magnifying power of a simple microscope can be increased by decreasing focal length of the
458. A very important practical application of properties of matter is hoeing or \godi. practiced by
the farmers. This property of matter is called Capillarity.
459. It is observed that the total pressure exerted by air on the man of average size is around 14.7 lb.
wt. per square inch. But the man feels quite comfortable. It is because of an equal and opposite
pressure acts from inside.
460. A nuclear reactor is a device used to carry out controlled nuclear reaction whereas GM counter
is a device used to detect nuclear radiation.
461. A body can escape the gravitational pull of the earth if it is thrown up with a velocity of 7 miles
per sec.
462. Night vision is possible with the help of Infrared Rays.
463. Myopia is a defect of human eye. It can be corrected by using a lens called concave lens.
464. Walnuts can be broken in the hand by squeezing two together but not one. It is because of work
465. The instrument which is specially designed for recording earth quake wave is called
seismograph which measure earth quake waves on a Richter scale.
466. Fossils found in the lowest geological strata are generally most primitive.
467. Evolution can be described as a continuing process.
468. Mutation is the only source new alleles.
469. Polygenic characteristic are controlled by Multiple Genes.
470. Digestion involves ingestion, digestion, absorption and elimination.
471. In humans, most nutrient molecules are absorbed by the small intestine.
472. The energy needed to fuel essential body processes is called Basal metabolism.
473. Inhaled air passes through Bronchiole in the last.
474. Hermaphroditism is a form of sexual reproduction.
475. Cobalt is a metal which is strongly attracted by a magnet.
476. Hepatitis A is transmitted to different individuals by Faeces.
477. The unit that coordinates different devices of the computer system is Control unit.
478. The approximate intensity level of the sound which can cause damage is 100 decibel (dB).
479. Fuse wire is made of 63% tin and 37% lead.
480. The unit of photosynthesis in green plants is called Quantosome.
481. The property by virtue of which metals can be beaten into thin sheets is known as Malleability.
482. The sky appears blue because the earthes atmosphere Reflects blue light.
483. Gamma rays are Higher energy rays emitted by radioactive elements.
484. The radiation that is used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is in the infra-red range.
485. Lead is used in storage batteries.
486. The gas produced during the fermentation of Biomass is Methane.
487. Biogas is the common name of Natural Gas.
488. Bacteria help in the process of fermentation of biomass.
489. One thousand watt power is called as 1 kilowatt.
490. The meter installed in our homes measure electricity in KWh.
491. Unis of electricity consumed by 2500 watt air-conditioner in one hour are 2.5 units.
492. Gas bills are charged in CGS and BTU.
493. In BTU system, one BTU is equal to 1055 joule.
494. Air is present in the atmosphere of earth up to the height of 200 kilometres.
495. All forms of energy that we use are ultimately transformed into Heat energy.
496. The gas which acts as a glass of greenhouse is Carbon dioxide.
497. Google is the largest search engine of internet.
498. Carbon dioxide is used in the preparation of soft drinks.
499. Worldes largest flower auction is held in Aalsmeer.
500. All the plant life is based upon the compounds, which are made up of Oxygen, Carbon and