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Constitutional amendments in Pakistan for PPSC FPSC

Constitutional amendments in Pakistan Complete | Pakistan Affairs for PPSC FPSC and all Competitive Exams

▪ 1st AMENDMENT(1974)

Redefined Boundaries Of Pakistan

▪ 2nd AMENDMENT(1974)

Declared Ahmadis As Non Muslim’s.

▪ 3rd AMENDMENT(1975)

EExtendThe Period Of Preventive Detention.

Preventive Detention means detain a person at any unknown place *whose acts are against the integrity of State.

▪ 4th AMENDMENT (1975)

Give Additional Seats For Minorities.

▪ *5th AMENDMENT(1976)*

]Widened The Scope Of Restrictions On High Court.

▪ *6th AMENDMENT(1976)*

The Judges Of High Court and Supreme Court Will Retire At The Age Of  62&65 Respectively.

▪ 7th AMENDMEND(1977)*

▪Give Powers To Prime Minister To Seek *Vote Of Confidence At any Time* From The People Of Pakistan.

▪ *8th AMENDMENT (1985)*

Semi Presidential System Of Government Introduced From Parliamentary System Of Government

Give More Powers To President Of Pakistan.

▪9th AMENDMENT (1985)

Amendment To Make *Shariah Law As The Law Of The Land.

▪10th AMENDMENT(1987)

Fixed The Period Of Intervals Between Sessions Of National Assembly To *Not Exceed 130 days.

▪11th AMENDMENT(1989)

Revision Of National Seats In Both Assemblies.

▪12th AMENDMENT(1991)

Speedy Trial Courts Was Established For A *Period Of 3yrs* To Trial Offenders Of *Heinous Crimes.*

▪13th AMENDMENT(1997)*

Curtail The Powers Of President* To Dissolve National Assembly And Dismissing The Prime Minister.

▪14th AMENDMENT(1997)*

Members Of Parliament Can Be Dismissed If There Is Found Any Defect.

▪15th AMENDMENT(1998)

Bill To Impose Shariah Law Was *Never Passed*

▪16th AMENDMENT(1999)

Quota System Term Increased From *20 to 40 years.*

▪17th AMENDMENT(2003)

President Powers Increased

▪18th AMENDMENT(2010)

Name Of NWFP Was Changed.

Famous Article 6 Of High Treason Was Introduced.

Removed The Powers Of President *To Dissolve Assembly Unilaterally*

▪19th AMENDMENT(2010)

Islamabad High Court Was Formed

Deals With Appointment Of Judges Of Supreme Court.

▪20th AMENDMENT(2012)

For Free And Fair Elections.

Chief Election Commissioner Was Changed To *Election Commission Of Pakistan.*

▪21st AMENDMENT(2015)

Military Courts Was Established After *APS Massacre*

▪22nd AMENDMENT 2016

Changing The Eligibility Criteria For Chief Election Commissioner Of Pakistan.

Bureaucrats and Technocrats* also will become members of Election Commission of Pakistan.

▪ *23rd AMENDMENT April 2017*

In 2015, National Assembly passed the 21st Amendment and created the military courts* for the period of  2 years.

The period of two years was expired on 6th January 2017.

This 23rd Amendment was passed to re-establish the military courts for further two years till 6th January 2019.

▪24th AMENDMENT Nov 2017

Allow the conduct of delimitation of constituencies on the basis of provisional census results.

▪25th AMENDMENT 2018

The Merger of FATA with KPK was signed by President Mamnoon Hussain on 31-May-2018.