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English to Urdu sentences

Basic English sentences serve as the foundation of communication. They help learners develop essential language skills and grasp the structure, vocabulary, and syntax of the English language. Mastering basic sentences allows individuals to express themselves and engage in basic conversations with others. Everyday Communication: Basic English sentences are essential for everyday communication in various situations. Whether it’s introducing oneself, greeting others, asking for directions, ordering food, or engaging in simple conversations, basic sentences enable individuals to interact and navigate daily life in English-speaking environments. Comprehension: Basic English sentences aid in understanding and comprehending spoken and written English. By learning basic sentence patterns and vocabulary, individuals can better comprehend simple texts, instructions, and conversations. Basic sentences provide the building blocks for understanding more complex language constructs. Building Vocabulary: Basic sentences help in expanding vocabulary. By learning and practicing basic sentence structures, learners simultaneously encounter and acquire new words and phrases. This gradual vocabulary growth enhances their ability to express themselves more precisely and fluently over time.

Confidence Boost: Mastering basic English sentences boosts learners’ confidence in using the language. It provides a solid foundation that enables them to engage in conversations without constantly struggling to find the right words or sentence structures. This confidence encourages further language learning and progression. Grammar and Sentence Structure: Basic English sentences play a crucial role in understanding grammar rules and sentence structure. They introduce learners to essential elements such as subject-verb agreement, word order, tenses, and sentence formation. A strong grasp of basic sentence structures paves the way for more complex grammar concepts. Cultural Exchange: Basic English sentences facilitate cultural exchange and understanding. English is a widely spoken language around the world, and basic sentences allow individuals from different cultures and backgrounds to communicate and share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives. This promotes intercultural understanding and fosters connections between people.

In summary, basic English sentences are of significant importance as they provide the foundation for effective communication, comprehension, vocabulary growth, grammar understanding, and cultural exchange. Mastering basic sentences empowers individuals to communicate confidently and lays the groundwork for further language learning and proficiency.

Listen. سنیے۔
Excuse me. معاف فرمائیے!
Keep silent. خاموشی اختیار کریں۔
Who are you? تم کون ہو؟
I’m alright. میں بلکل ٹھیک ہوں۔
Don’t worry. پریشان مت ہو۔
I like truth. میں سچ پسند کرتا ہوں۔
Not at all. ہرگز نہیں۔بلکل نہیں۔
Be careful. احتیاط کرہ۔
Go on. بات جاری رکھو۔
What’s going on? کیا ہو رہا ہے؟
Carry on. کام جاری رکھو۔
Don’t make a noise. شور مت کرو۔
Tell me truth. مجھے سچ بتاؤ۔
Tell me your story. مجھے اپنی داستان سناؤ۔
Please. پلیز!
I’m tired. میں تھکا ہوا ہوں۔
Tell me your story. اپنی داستان سناؤ۔
Wait and watch. انتظار کرو اور دیکھو۔
You can touch. آپ چھو سکتے ہیں۔
You can talk. آپ بات کر سکتے ہیں۔
So nice of you. آپ بہت اچھے ہیں۔
It is your problem. یہ تماہارا مسئلہ ہے۔
Will you do a favor to me? کیا آپ میرے ساتھ ایک نیکی کریں گے؟
Don’t move. حرکت نہ کرو۔
Say again. دوبارہ کہو۔
Say aloud. زور سے کہو۔
It is high time. یہ مناسب وقت ہے۔
Catch me if you can. اگر تم مجھے پکڑ سکتے ہو تو پکڑ لو۔
You are lazy. تم سست ہو۔

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