English Vocabulary

Basic English Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings

Basic English Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings

Basic vocabulary forms the foundation for language learning. It consists of essential words and phrases that are commonly used in everyday communication. Mastering basic vocabulary provides a solid base from which individuals can expand their language skills and learn more complex concepts. Basic vocabulary enables individuals to engage in basic conversations and express their needs and ideas. It includes words related to greetings, introductions, numbers, colors, common objects, and simple actions. Having a grasp of basic vocabulary allows individuals to communicate effectively in various situations, such as ordering food, asking for directions, or introducing themselves. Comprehension: Basic vocabulary enhances listening and reading comprehension. When individuals encounter words they are familiar with, it becomes easier to understand spoken and written language. Basic vocabulary helps individuals follow conversations, understand instructions, and comprehend simple texts. Language Development: Basic vocabulary plays a crucial role in language development, particularly for children. It helps them develop language skills, expand their vocabulary, and improve their ability to express themselves. Basic vocabulary provides a starting point for language acquisition, leading to more advanced language skills over time.

Confidence Building: Having a solid understanding of basic vocabulary boosts confidence in language learners. It allows them to engage in conversations without constantly struggling to find the right words. Being able to express oneself clearly and understand basic language constructs enhances self-assurance in language usage. Cultural Understanding: Basic vocabulary also contributes to cultural understanding. It includes words related to cultural practices, traditions, and everyday life. Understanding basic vocabulary allows individuals to better appreciate and interact with different cultures, fostering respect and understanding among diverse communities. Building Blocks for Advanced Learning: Basic vocabulary serves as the building blocks for advanced language learning. It provides a framework for expanding vocabulary and acquiring more complex language skills. A strong foundation in basic vocabulary makes it easier to learn and understand more advanced concepts, idiomatic expressions, and specialized terminology.

Overall, basic vocabulary is the starting point for language acquisition and is essential for effective communication, comprehension, and language development. It sets the stage for further language learning and lays the groundwork for building a diverse and robust vocabulary.

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Basic English Vocabulary

Words تلفظ Meanings
As ایز جیسا کہ
I آئی میں
His ہِز اسکا
That دیٹ وہ
He ہی وہ(لڑکا)
Was واز تھا
For فار کے لئے
On آن پر
Are آر ہیں
One وَن ایک
Have ہیو رکھتا ہے
This دِس یہ(قریب )
From فرام سے
By بائے کی طرف سے
Hot ہاٹ گرم، شہوت انگیز
Word ورڈ لفظ
But بٹ لیکن
What وٹ کیا
Some سم کچھ
To ٹُو کی طرف
And اینڈ اور
A اے، آ ایک
In اِن میں
We ووئی،وی ہم
Can کین کر سکتے ہیں
Each اِیچ ہر ایک
Tell ٹیل بتانا
Does ڈز کرتا ہے
Set سیٹ سیٹ
Three تھری تین

Want وانٹ چاہتے ہیں
Kind کائنڈ قسم
Off آف بندہونا
Need نِیڈ ضرورت
House ہاؤس گھر
Picture پِکچر تصویر
Little لِٹَل تھوڑا
Only اونلی صرف
Round راؤنڈ گول
Man مین آدمی
Good گُوڈ اچھا
Me می مجھے
Give گِوّ دینا
Our آر ہمارے
Under انڈر ما تحت
Name نیم نام
Form فام فارم
Sentence سینٹینس فقرہ، سزا
Great گریٹ عظیم
Think تھِنک لگتا ہے
Say سے کہنا
Help ہیلپ مددکرنا
Your یُوئر آپکا، آپکی
Way وے راستہ
About اباؤٹ کے بارے میں
Many مینی بہت سے
Then دین پھر
Them دیم انہیں
Write رائٹ لکھنا
These دیز یہ(زیادہ)
Her ہر اسکا
Long لانگ طویل
Make میک بنانا
Thing تھِنگ چیز،بات
See سی دیکھنا
Look لُوک نظر،دیکھنا
More مور مزید
Day ڈے دن
Could کُوڈ کر سکتے ہیں
Go گو جاؤ
Come کم آنا
No نو نہیں
Most موسٹ سب سے زیادہ
People پیپل لوگ
My مائی میرا
Over اوور زیادہ،پر
Know نوو جانتے ہیں
Who ہُو کون
May مے ہو سکتا ہے
Down ڈاؤن نیچے
Side سائڈ کی طرف،جانب
Been بین رہا ہے