English Vocabulary

500 English Words for Spoken English with Urdu Meanings

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Vocabulary is of paramount importance in language learning and effective communication. Here are some reasons highlighting the significance of vocabulary:

  1. Understanding: Vocabulary is the key to understanding spoken and written language. When encountering new words, having a robust vocabulary enables individuals to comprehend their meaning in different contexts. A rich vocabulary enhances reading comprehension, listening skills, and overall language understanding.
  2. Communication: Vocabulary is essential for expressing thoughts, ideas, and emotions accurately. A diverse vocabulary allows individuals to choose the most appropriate words and phrases to convey their message clearly and precisely. The more extensive the vocabulary, the more nuanced and expressive the communication becomes.
  3. Fluency: Vocabulary plays a vital role in achieving fluency in a language. When individuals have a broad range of words at their disposal, they can speak more fluidly without constantly searching for the right word. Vocabulary enriches speech, making it more natural and compelling.
  4. Reading Comprehension: A strong vocabulary is crucial for successful reading comprehension. Knowing a wide range of words helps individuals understand texts more effectively, infer meanings from context, and grasp the author’s intended message. A robust vocabulary allows for deeper engagement with written materials.
  5. Writing Skills: Vocabulary enhances writing skills by enabling individuals to choose appropriate words, use descriptive language, and express ideas effectively. A varied vocabulary helps create engaging and impactful written compositions, whether it’s for academic, professional, or personal purposes.
  6. Critical Thinking: Vocabulary facilitates critical thinking and analytical skills. Having a rich vocabulary allows individuals to articulate and express complex ideas, analyze information, and engage in meaningful discussions. A diverse vocabulary promotes cognitive development and enhances problem-solving abilities.
  7. Confidence: A strong vocabulary boosts confidence in language usage. The ability to express oneself accurately and fluently instills confidence in communication. Individuals with a broad vocabulary feel more empowered to participate in conversations, express their opinions, and engage in social and professional interactions.
  8. Academic Success: Vocabulary is crucial for academic success. It allows students to understand complex concepts, grasp academic texts, and express their understanding in written assignments and exams. A wide vocabulary contributes to academic achievement across various subjects and disciplines.
  9. Cultural Understanding: Vocabulary helps individuals navigate and understand different cultures. Words and phrases carry cultural connotations and reflect the values, traditions, and beliefs of a community. Expanding vocabulary enhances intercultural awareness and promotes effective communication across cultures.
  10. Lifelong Learning: Vocabulary development is a lifelong process. As individuals encounter new topics, disciplines, and experiences, a diverse vocabulary allows them to continually expand their knowledge and engage in lifelong learning. A strong vocabulary opens doors to new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In summary, vocabulary is vital for language comprehension, effective communication, fluency, reading comprehension, writing skills, critical thinking, confidence, academic success, cultural understanding, and lifelong learning. Building and nurturing vocabulary is an ongoing process that enriches language proficiency and enhances overall communication abilities.

Preach تبلیغ کرنا
Pretend بہانہ بنانا
Print چھاپنا
Progress ترقی کرنا
Prohibit منع کرنا
Protect حفاظت کرنا
Protest احتجاج کرنا
Forsake چھوڑنا
Freeze منجمد ہونایا کرنا
Get حاصل کرنا
Give دینا
Grow اگانا
Hang لٹکنا-لٹکانا
Hang پھانسی دینا
Hide چھپانا
Hold پکڑنا
Contribute چندہ دینا
Contrast معاہدہ کرنا
Continue جاری رکھنا
Contest مقابلہ کرنا
Contend جھگڑنا
Chop  ٹکڑے کرنا
Choose پسند کرنا
Choke بند کرنا۔گلا دبانا
Chirp چہچہانا
Know جاننا
Lie لیٹنا
Rise اٹھنا
Ride سواری کرنا
Ring گھنٹی بجانا
Run دوڑنا
See  دیکھنا
Stink بدبو پیدا کرنا
Stride پھلانگنا
Strike مارنا-ضرب لگانا
String تار یا رسی ہلانا
Strive جدوجہد کرنا
Swear قسم کھانا
Swim تیرنا
Take جھولا جھولنایا لینا
Tear پھاڑنا
Throw پھینکنا
Tread چلنا
Wear پہننا
Weave بننا
Win جیتنا
Wind  لپیٹنا۔چابی دینا
Reduce کم کرنا
Refuse انکار کرنا
Reject نامنظور کرنا
Remember یاد رکھنا
Remind یاد دلانا
Remove ہٹانا
Represent نما ئندگی کرنا
Mourn ماتم کرنا
Note ذہن میں رکھنا
Obey حکم ماننا
Object اعتراض کرنا
Occupy قبضہ کرنا
Offer پیش کرنا
Operate چلانا
Oppose              مخالفت کرنا
Drive چلانا
Eat کھانا
Fall گرنا
Fight لڑنا
Fling پھینکنا
Fly اڑنا
Forbear برداشت کرنا
Forget  بھول جانا
Cultivate کاشت کرنا
Curl لیٹنا۔پیچ دینا
Cuspidate تیز کرنا
Cut کاٹنا
Correct اصلاح کرنا
Cooperate مل کر کام کرنا
Cook پکانا
Converse ہمکلام ہونا
Control ضبط کرنا
Organize منظم کرنا
Pack باندھنا
Pardon معاف کرنا
Participate شامل ہونا
Pass گزرنا
Pay ادا کرنا
Perform کرکے دکھانا
Permit اجازت دینا
March چلنا
Measure ناپنا
Migrate ہجرت کرنا
Miss چوک جانا
Mix ملانا
Motion حرکت یا اشارہ کرنا
Mount چڑھنا
Mourn ماتم کرنا
Break توڑنا
Choose منتخب کرنا
Cleave پھاڑنا
Cling چمٹنا
Crow بانگ دینا
Dig کھودنا
Do کرنا
Drink پینا
Beget پیدا کرنا
Behave سلوک کرنا
Behold مدنظر رکھنا
Belong تعلق رکھنا
Bend جھکنا
Benefit فائدہ اٹھانا
Bereave محروم ہونا
Burn آگ لگانا
Busy مصروف ہونا
Crash زور سے ٹوٹنا
Crave خواہش رکھنا
Crawl رینگنا
Create پیدا کرنا
Creep پیٹ کے بل چلنا
Cremate مردہ جلانا
Criminate مجرم قرار دینا
Cripple لنگڑا کرنا
Cross عبور کرنا
Publish شائع کرنا
Punish سزا دینا
Quarrel جھگڑنا
Question سوال پوچھنا
Qualify معیار پر اترنا
Recognize شناخت کرنا
Recover وصول کرنا
Shake ہلنا-کانپنا
Shrink سکڑنا
Shine چمکنا
Sing گانا
Sink ڈوبنا(بےجان)
Sit بیٹھنا
Slay قتل کرنا
Slide پھسلنا
Sling پھینکنا
Spin گھومنا-گھمانا
Contribute چندہ دینا
Contrast معاہدہ کرنا
Continue جاری رکھنا
Contest مقابلہ کرنا
Contend جھگڑنا
Chop  ٹکڑے کرنا
Choose پسند کرنا
Choke بند کرنا۔گلا دبانا
Chirp چہچہانا
Speak بولنا
Spring اچھلنا
Stand کھڑا ہونا
Steal چوری کرنا
Stick چپکنا-چپکانا
Sting ڈنگ مارنا-چبھونا
Knock دستک دینا
Level ہموار کرنا
Listen سننا
Lock تالا لگانا
Loosen دھیلا کرنا
Become ہونا
Beget کا باعث ہونا
Begin شروع کرنا
Behold دیکھنا
Bid بولی دینا
Bite دانت سے کاٹنا
Bind باندھنا
Blow پھونک مارنا
Bath نہانا
Batter چکنا چور کرنا
Bear برداشت کرنا
Becalm چپ کرنا
Become ہونا
Befit مطابق ہونا
Befoul غلط کرنا
Begin شروع کرنا
Beg بھیگ مانگنا
Challenge للکارنا
Check پڑتال کرنا
Cherish خوش ہونا
Chew چبانا
Corrupt رشوت دینا
Cough کھانسنا
Cover ڈھانپنا
Cradle لوری دینا
Cram رٹ لگانا
Inspect معائنہ کرنا
Insist اصرار کرنا
Invent ایجاد کرنا
Invite دعوت دینا
Involve شامل کرنا
Irrigate سیراب کرنا
Joke مزاق کرنا
Abide قائم رہنا
Arise اٹھانا
Awake جاگنا-جگانا
Awaken جگانا-جاگنا
Bear پیدا کرنا
Bear برداشت کرنا
Beat مارنا
Backbite چغلی کرنا
Baffle شکست دینا
Bail ضمانت ہونا
Bake روٹی پکانا
Banish نکال دینا
Bare ننگا ہونا
Bark چھلکا اتارنا
Bask دھوپ میں بیٹھنا
Bate چھوڑ دینا
Calculate حساب کرنا
Can سکنا۔ہونا
Care حفاظت کرنا
Carry اٹھانا
Cash رقم میں بدلنا
Catch پکڑنا
Cease ٹھہر جانا
Cede ہار مان لینا
Change تبدیل کرنا